Set Microsoft Edge as the default browser via GPO

You can set Microsoft Edge as the default browser on domain-joined devices by configuring the Set a default associations configuration file via group policy.

Turning this group policy on requires you to create and store a default associations configuration file in XML format. This file is stored locally or on a network share. Copy below XML content to a file name Edge.xml and store in a central share accessible by all domain joined resources.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Association ApplicationName="Microsoft Edge" ProgId="MSEdgeHTM" Identifier=".html"/>
  <Association ApplicationName="Microsoft Edge" ProgId="MSEdgeHTM" Identifier=".htm"/>
  <Association ApplicationName="Microsoft Edge" ProgId="MSEdgeHTM" Identifier="http"/>
  <Association ApplicationName="Microsoft Edge" ProgId="MSEdgeHTM" Identifier="https"/>  
  <Association ApplicationName="Microsoft Edge" ProgId="MSEdgePDF" Identifier=".pdf"/>

note: If you dont want to associate Edge to open PDF files, edit this xml file and remove the line “<Association ApplicationName=”Microsoft Edge” ProgId=”MSEdgePDF” Identifier=”.pdf”/>”

Configure the GPO  for a default file type and protocol associations configuration file:
  1. Open the Group Policy editor and go to the Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\File Explorer.
  2. Select Set a default associations configuration file.
  3. Click policy setting, and then click Enabled.
  4. Under Options:, type the location to your default associations configuration file.
  5. Click OK to save the policy settings.
  6. Ensure this GPO is linked to the OU where all devices are
  7. The GPO will be processed the next time the user logs in

The example in the next screenshot shows an associations file named Edge.xml on a network share that is accessible from the target device on \\APP1\Users\testadmin\Documents\Edge.xml

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