Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco VPN 3000 Series

The following method does not make you lose the configuration on the concentrator so far tested.

The factory default passwords for the Cisco VPN 3000 Series are:

username: admin

password: admin

Complete these steps in order to recover a password:

  1. Connect a PC to the VPN Concentrator with a straight-through RS-232 serial cable between the console port on the VPN Concentrator and the COM1 or serial port on the PC. Use software such as Putty  to connect to console.

    When the Concentrator boots, and after the power-up diagnostics check is complete, a line of three dots (…) appears on the console, a sample of which is shown here for reference. Press Ctrl-C within three seconds after you see these dots. This displays a menu that lets you reset the system passwords to the defaults.

  2. Boot-ROM Initializing... 
    Boot configured 128Mb of RAM. 
    Loading image .......... 
    Verifying image checksum ........... 
    Active image loaded and verified... 
    Starting loaded image... 
    Starting power-up diagnostics... 
    !--- At this second set of three dots, press Ctrl-C.
    !--- On version 4.0.X and earlier returns with this information:
    Main Menu Options 
    1 - Reset Passwords 
    Q - Quit Main Menu
    !--- Newer version 4.1 and later returns with this information:
    Main Menu Options
    1 - Reset Administrator Accounts
    Q - Quit Main Menu

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